Peacock Kids: Why Is It The Perfect Platform For Your Family?

NBC Universal’s Peacock TV is riding the high tides these days. With more than 20 million paid subscribers, the platform is currently one of the most popular streaming services in the United States. Moreover, the OTT service caters to all its customers from different age groups, including kids. Yes! You heard that right. The platform has introduced Peacock Kids for young ones.

The OTT service has a separate forum for kids with intriguing cartoons and an incredible interface. Moreover, it includes many attractive features like My Stuff, offline viewing, etc., for easy access. Today, we’ll discover and learn more about this segment of Peacock TV. Furthermore, we’d also recommend some epic titles to get you started on the platform.

Peacock Kids: Why Is It The Perfect Platform For Your Family?
Image Credit: Peacock

Before getting started, let’s shed some light on the platform’s offline viewing feature. It allows users to watch titles without the internet on their devices. It comes handy to stream on our mobile phones and tablets while traveling.


What is Peacock TV Kids?

In many ways, kids are like adults. They are usually good, get cranky when hungry, and can binge their favorite shows on television the whole afternoon. So why not dedicate a different platform to them? “Peacock TV Kids” is specially made for toddlers and offers various age-appropriate shows.

It helps protect kids from all the other R-rated and violent content on the platform. With a separate forum, the kids also have different spaces and watchlists. Moreover, it comes at affordable prices.

Peacock Kids: Why Is It The Perfect Platform For Your Family?
Image Credit: Peacock

How much do Peacock Kids cost?

You won’t believe me if I tell you that Peacock Kids is a complimentary forum which tags along with the main platform. It does not require any additional payments to use the platform. In addition, users can access both Peacock and Peacock Kids by subscribing to any of the below-mentioned plans:

Subscription Plans Cost ($/month)
Premium 4.99
Premium Plus 9.99

In addition to attractive prices, the platform also has a user-friendly interface for kids. Let’s talk more about it down below.

How is Peacock Kids’ interface?

The kids-friendly interface is filled with flashy and attractive names. Moreover, it has several categories:

Categories Features
Featured Movies It has all the trending movies
For Younger Kids Cartoons and movies for kids below 5 y/o
For Older Kids Cartoons and movies for kids above 5 y/o
Teamwork Makes The Dreamworks It features all shows depicting teamwork
Animal Instincts It covers all the cartoons with animals like Madagascar, Spirit untamed, etc.
Characters we love It has titles of all our favorite characters like Woody Woodpecker, Curious George, etc.
Is it Summer Yet? This category flaunts shows like Brave Wilderness, Camp Lake Bottom, etc.
Silly Shenanigans It depicts shows matching the gags of our toddler.
Magical Friends It features magical films like How to train your dragon, Harry Potter, etc.
After School Activities It helps to indulge kids in different art activities with titles like Create the Escape and Backyard blowout.
All things Engines This enticing category boards cartoons, including robots and trains.
Girl Power It has all the cartoons and shows with girls as the most powerful main characters.

As we can see, the interface is filled with excellent shows. Moreover, they help to enrich good values in kids’ minds and promote their creative sides. Such innovative categories help users to find the desired shows easily. Moreover, the platform allows us to create different profiles for kids. Keeping all that in mind, let us recommend some shows to get you started on the platform.

What to watch on Peacock Kids?

While there are multiple popular shows and films on the platform, we are recommending the most popular and excellent ones among them:

For Kids below 7 years

  1. Curious George
  2. Madagascar: A little wild
  3. Blippi
  4. Brain Candy
  5. Babble Pop
  6. Super Wings
  7. Take Note
  8. Shrek
  9. Blippi Wonders
  10. Strawberry Shortcake

For kids above 7 years

  1. Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone
  2. A Child’s Christmas in wales
  3. Turbo
  4. Dino Core
  5. Take Note
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  7. American Ninja Warrior
  8. Dragons: The Nine Realms
  9. Wing Commander
  10. CarGo

All these features and titles undoubtedly make Peacock the perfect platform for your family and kids. Moreover, it is affordable and efficient, with epic plans and an incredible interface.

Check it Out! It’s a great platform

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