1. What are NFTs?
2. What do i need to mint my first nft?
3. How to mint your NFT with Opensea

3.1. Open an opensea account.
3.2. Begin your minting process by creating a collection.
3.3. Upload and mint your NFT


What are NFTs?

First, for those who doesn’t know what NFts are, let me explain it in the simplest term possible.

NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token. And it simply represents virtual assets that are stored to a Blockchain. These virtual assets can text, images, animated images, videos, audios and even real estates. What makes NFTs different from cryptocurrency is the fact that they are Non-Fungible unlike cryptocurrency that is very much fungible.

For an asset to be fungible means it can easily be interchanged with another asset, just as $1 worth of BTC can be changed for $1 worth of ETH or how $1000 note can be exchanged with 100 notes of $100 because they are still worth the same. But NFTs are unique and they can not be directly interchanged with another. In fact, NFT are priced to how the sellers value it. You can be surprised to as how some NFts can worth to as much as a million dollars. The seller or creator values it to worth up to that amount.

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Before an NFT can be made, it has to pass a process known as minting. The minting process validates the NFT and certify its originality, then uploads it to the blockchain. Actually, anyone on the internet can mint an NFT and today, we bring to you a simplified method to mint and sell your first NFT.

What do i need to mint my first nft?

To mint your first NFT, there are some things you will need and they are listed below.

  • Opensea account
  • Metamask or trustwallet
  • Ethereum
  • Your potential NFT file(might be image, audio or video)

Those are basically the things you need to get started. Now below, we explain the process to mint the NFT with your Opensea account. The minting process is not a complicated one. So if you follow carefully, you’ll get it right in no time.

How to mint your NFT with Opensea

Now, it’s time to mint your NFT, follow the steps accordingly to avoid errors along the way.

get your metamask and Ethereum ready

For the minting process, you’ll need Ethereum in your metamask or trustwallet app. Metamask is recommended for ios users, while trustwallet is recommended for android users. You should also use metamask for your pc.

How To Mint an NFT On OpenseaNow, to get Ethereum, buy some from binance or kucoin and transfer to your metamask or trustwallet to get started.

Open an opensea account.

Now, open your opensea app and create a new account, you can create an account by connecting it to your metamask or trustwallet, or you can just paste your ETH address from your metamask or trustwallet into the opensea to create the account. You can also paste into the dapp of your wallet to directly connect it to your wallet.

Note: to edit profile, mint or perform some other functions, you have to use the dapp browser from your phone.

Begin your minting process by creating a collection.

  • After you’ve successfully create your account on open sea, the next step is to go to your profile and tap/click on “My Collection” where you’ll find your logo, featured image and the banner.
  • Below the above, you’ll find the form to fill. Fill the “Name“, “Category“, “Url“, “Description” and “Links” to your social networks.
  • Then on the next page, you’ll specify the percentage to take whenever another user sells an NFT you created. This is known as “Royalties“. Put in the Eth address you’ll like to receive the royalty with.
  • Next, you’ll select your preferred blockchain for the NFT to be minted on, you can choose between ETH or WETH. The later is more cost effective but the former is more widely adopted.
  • Select your preferred “Display Theme” and click on the “Create” button.
  • Now, it’s time to truly mint your NFT.

Upload and mint your NFT

Now, you have successfully created your NFT collection, it’s now time to mint your NFT.

  • Go to the collection you’ve just created and click/tap on the “Add Item
  • From here you can now upload the file you want to mint.(can be image, audio, video or 3D model)
  • Then you can give it a name and also provide some description if you want.
  • Then from the collection section, choose the collection you want to add the NFT to. Then you can edit the properties, stats and levels.
  • Then you should choose to activate the unlockabe content or not and also activate for explicit content if the NFT contains explicit content.
  • Then, give the number of the NFT that should be minted. And choose ETH or WETH as the blockchain.
  • Finally, click/tap on the “Create” button to finish creating the NFT. And you can find it in the collection you choose it be in.

After creating your NFT, you can then offer it for sell at the floor price or higher. But you should know that opensea charges 2.5% for every transaction.